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Welcome To Wild Cane Tours

Our lodging facility is located in a charmingly remote district called Wild Cane. We are in the heart of a small community where visitors are able to interact and gain the feeling of a true Jamaican experience.  Wild Cane is filled with the traditions and cultures unique only to Jamaicans. Wild Cane Tours is operated by the local nationals hence, providing a true Jamaican experience


The location of the Inn offers a scenic view second to none. In addition to the scenic view, we offer guided tours throughout the island of Jamaica. Guided tours are available but not limited to beaches, historical sites, markets, cultural centers, coffee bean plantations, and educational facilities.  Our aim is to make sure that each visitor’s stay is memorable and would induce a return to the Island.


Our All-Inclusive authentic Jamaican experience is organized for you, covering all elements of your trip, from air & ground transportation, lodging accommodation, attractions, unique experiences and everything in between – we can customize our offering just for you. Tell us your interests, your budget and we can design a package just for you.


We want you to experience Jamaica through its local people, food, history, language and culture. This type of arrangement is a more intimate way to experience Jamaica than the traditional tourist resorts. Fully take pleasure in Jamaica, the way Jamaicans enjoy it.


Map of Jamaica.

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