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Season: All year

Rooms: 8 large bedrooms

Bathrooms: 7

Kitchens: 2

Meal plan: All meals & beverages 

Patios: 4 large – seats 6 individuals on each

Living Rooms: 2

Dining Rooms: 2


Over 4000 sq ft of living space


Telephone: Country code: 1 876. There are no area codes.


Mobile Telephone: Several roaming agreements exist with a number of international mobile phone networks. Some companies offer handsets for short-term rental on a per-day basis.


Internet: Available at numerous cyber cafes and at libraries.  


Post: Each community has one central post office.   An airmailed postcard takes one and half to two weeks to reach US/Europe/Canada.


Media: Jamaica enjoys a free press and its newspapers frequently criticize the establishment. The broadcast media are predominantly commercial with three terrestrial TV broadcasters and a handful of local cable channels. The main newspapers are privately owned.


Press: Daily papers are The Jamaica Gleaner, The Jamaica Star and The Jamaica Observer.  Jampress is the government-run national news agency.


TV:  Television Jamaica Limited (TVJ) is private. The other channels include private channel CVM Television and religious channel Love TV.


Radio: Radio Jamaica Ltd (RJR) operates three commercial networks: RJR 94 FM; entertainment station FAME-FM; music and sports station Radio 2 FM.  Other commercial stations include Kool 97, News Talk 93, Irie FM, Hot 102, KLAS FM and Power 106.  Roots 96.1 FM is a community station. Love FM is a religious station. BBC Caribbean Service and World Service radio programs are available via the BBC 104 FM network.

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