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Attractions & Activities

Stroll around the ancient streets of Spanish Town, Jamaica’s former capital, on a historical walking tour. It was once a magnificent and impressive metropolis and some fine stately red-brick homes and grand monuments remain, including a resplendent plaza.

  • Enjoy nature at its best in the many rural villages in the central  areas of Jamaica – in one day you can visit at least 6 villages and discover the inner beauty of Jamaica.

  • Follow one of many hiking and climbing trails up the Blue Mountains to heights above 2,100m (7,000ft). Shrouded by mists that give the peaks their bluish tinge, the Blue Mountains are home to more than 200 bird species and 800 species of plants.
  • Explore the hundreds of paths connecting villages and settlements around the mountains, including several non-tourist utilitarian paths around Newcastle on the Kingston to Buff Bay Road where trails lead to Catherine's Peak and Mount Horeb.

  • Take a rejuvenating dip in the curative waters of the aged Milk River Spa, a mineral bath. Discovered in 1794, these spring-fed therapeutic waters reach temperatures of 33°C (86°F).

  • Chill out Jamaican-styleon Montego Bay's laid-back Doctor's Cave Beach. Beautiful white sands and sparkling spring-fed waters earned its name from Dr Alexander James McCatty, a medical man who used to enter the beach through a cave, since destroyed in 1932 by a hurricane.
  • Check out a huge labyrinth of limestone caves on Jamaica's north coast, a stunning natural phenomena. Characterised by stalactites, stalagmites, overhead crags, tunnels light holes, and in its depths a subterranean lake, the Green Grotto was once used as shelter by the Arawak Indians (Tainos).
  • Hop aboard a bamboo raft to explore the Rio Grande for a thrilling trip through banana and sugar cane plantations.
  • Head out to Lover's Leap, a sheer 518m (1,700ft) cliff overhanging the sea east of Treasure Beach. It was here that two slave lovers leaped to their deaths rather than to be separated.

  • Mountain Valley Rafting, St. James - A true Jamaican experience, take this relaxing ride down the Great River on a 30 ft. bamboo raft built for two.

  • Belvedere Plantation  - Experience a taste of early Jamaican life. See the ruins of the former Great House and Sugar Factory. Enjoy cultural shows and the beautiful botanical gardens.

  • Kingston - The nation's capital. Visit the Bob Marley Museum, the University of the West Indies, and other fascinating attractions in the Financial Capital of the West Indies.


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